Fiber-to-the-Home Networking (FTTH)

Our experience brings the solution for an optimal and economical FTTH infrastructure.

Engineering Consultants Scheu Netzplanung GmbH have been in the business of designing and implementing Fiber-Metro-Access-Networks since 1999. Our know-how and experience encompasses all fields of cost elements regarding FTTH, FTTB and FTTC networks.

In 2004 we developed our first ultra-scalable concept for Fiber-Access-Networks including all passive, and active components. Back then - and to this day - there was no readily available solution provided from one single vendor which met the technical specifications we required as to guarantee a 50 year+ lifespan.

Utilizing components from different manufacturers, we constantly reassess and improve our design of solid and cost-effective FTTx cablling. Our multivendor approach enables us to implement nearly every state-of-the-art advancement in FTTX-micro-cabling technology and allowing us to provide the most flexible solutions for a diverse field of urban areas and a very solid long-term operation.