FTTH network coaching & business plans

Our knowledge for your goals and projects.

Based on over 12 years of practical experience and more than 60,000 homes connected to different fiber access networks, we provide workshops and coaching in all basic and advanced know-how of FTTH business planning, FTTH construction, FTTH documentation and operation.

Here are some of the main topics:

  • Basic rules for FTTH planning
  • Planning step by step
  • Keep the CAPEX in mind
  • Adhere to the business plan
  • The dos and don'ts of FTTH networking
  • Real open access is so simple
  • Work orders
  • How to keep road work under control
We also prepare contract specifications.

What about your business plan?
We provide assistance in developing or approving your business plan regarding realistic ...

  • Take rate
  • Time table
  • OPEX
  • Cost-effective planning
  • Hidden costs
  • Receipts

Technical expertise and staff assessment
If you are planning to take over an FTTx network operator we offer expertise and assessment regarding:

  • Passive network
  • Active equipment
  • Documentation
  • Workflow organization
  • Human resources

If you are looking for highly skilled staff for building and operating your FTTx network - we have the right people for you!